ketsudo is now the collective name used by Nicholas Wilson, (who studied at the Royal College of Music and Royal College of Art) for his music, writing and word puzzles. He knew and has been much influenced by John Cage who made many mesostics which inspired the word puzzle game ketsudo, available as an app on Twitter @ketsudo . The music is written in a very similar way to how the puzzles and mesostics work.

Music by Nicholas Wilson for film & TV


Here is a showreel of work by Nicholas Wilson for Peter Greenaway’s film Darwin, and for GuardianFilm, with Sophie Grigson, Jonathan Glancey

The music for Darwin by Nicholas Wilson, recorded in Amsterdam, conductor David Sutton-Anderson:

review of the CD by “Blue” Gene Tyranny – All music

This very effective score is the soundtrack for well-known filmmaker Peter Greenaway’s Darwin. The composer combines a well-articulated feel for the rhythmic contrasts of pattern (minimal) music, in slow and fast tempi, with the tonal richness of contemporary chromaticism to create a unique sound that suggests both the essential physicality, even primitivism, of the natural world and the intellectual fascinations of an investigator like Darwin. The composer quotes the scientist in the liner notes of the recording “While our planet, obeying the fixed law of gravity, continues to spin around its axis, an infinite variety of beautiful and admirable forms, stemming from one beginning, have developed and are still developing” (Charles Darwin).

The full film “Darwin” can be seen here


Some recordings, of varying sound quality, of live performances of my music from the 1987-97 period.

I made a MIDI version of my Piano Quintet from 1987, because I was curious. It’s for the same ensemble as Schubert’s Trout Quintet: violin, viola, cello, double bass & piano.